it is well


I’ve recorded an album- my first one! It was a joy to collaborate with such fine musicians and work with great artists. Thank you to Chris Hobson, Scott Parrish, Michael Bedard, Deane Cote, Katie Pittman, John Rekevics, Bryan Bangerter, Allyson Arendsee and Joel P West for sharing their gifts!

This music is my Ebenezer- a marker, a reminder of God’s faithfulness shown to me throughout my life, especially when I was going through cancer treatment in 2011.

The songs express hope, faith, healing and trust in the Lord, who promises to be our Shepherd, and all that we need.

I’m still figuring out this website/blogging/technology thing… and this is the best I can do right now.

Here’s how you can get a copy of the CD (they are $15 each, or two for $25):

1. Email me at and I’ll mail one to you. I can take credit cards over the phone (checks and cash work too).

2. Come to my house anytime or Solana Beach Presbyterian Church on Sundays.

3. Buy a copy of the CD at

4. Message me on Facebook.

5. Download the album off iTunes or (but then you won’t get to read the album notes or see Allyson Arendsee’s beautiful artwork).

I love music. And I am so grateful that God gifted me with an ability to create and communicate through music. It is a pathway for me to connect with Him and it is a way for me to openly express my love for the Lord. My hope is that the music on this album ministers to you and invites you  to draw closer to God.



3 thoughts on “it is well

  1. HI Lisa,
    Wow, so happy for you! Congratulations. Thanks for sharing this – your beautiful voice and GOD given talent. Can you bring a CD for us to the Lucewicz’s tamale party on Sunday? we’d love to have you sign it too! = )
    GOD bless you always Lisa!
    Jane, JIm and Family


  2. i can’t get enough of your CD; speaking through your voice is so powerful. YOU ARE AWESOME! feel so blessed to hear you sing whenever I press “play” and on Sundays. oxo, Alexis Garrett


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