Tahquitz Peak

I thought my first post would be something really significant, as I am embarking on a journey to explore and express the ways God continues to work in my life and in those around me. And yet, this morning God revealed himself and his voice to me, and I need to get it down.

Sometimes the most ordinary moments are where God chooses to speak to us, if we pay attention.

We are up in Idyllwild- a favorite Thanksgiving spot for our family. The cool, mountain air and the simple lifestyle are a refreshing change from our Southern California, suburban life.

This morning I went out for my morning walk.  As I walked through town and along the highway, I saw Tahquitz Peak in the distance- a beautiful, majestic white rock jutting out and above the mountains. It’s breathtaking, but I couldn’t get a clear view of it, as the utility poles and power lines were always in the way.

At first it was a little frustrating- I wanted to get a good picture. And then God reminded me that this a picture of my life. Rarely is it all beautiful, free from mess, free from clutter, from ugliness.

But if I look through the messy stuff, I can still see his glory and his work- in both the beautiful and broken parts of my life.

And give him thanks.


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